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Teorema de thales (Les Luthiers) y Cumbia matemática

Posted by ricardogm on 11th February 2015

Aquí el teorema de Thales:

Y la cumbia:

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Exam review

Posted by ricardogm on 16th June 2011


1. Download and open this document:

2. Answer the questions in it.

3. Send it to me

4. That’s all, folks!


These are the results of your investigation. You can easily see the two or three countries that dominate the chart.  They are probably the countries that bring Avilés most of its tourism. Do you agree?


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Statistical study

Posted by ricardogm on 9th June 2011


Here you can download the template for the study:

You have to fill it up with your data and send it to me. ( Deadline is next wednesday.

Now we are going to play with the concepts of mean, median, etc. Go here

And finally some excel (here you have a pdf with some information). Your teacher is going to show you a trick or two. Pay attention

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More statistics and spreadsheets

Posted by ricardogm on 2nd June 2011

Hi, nenos and nenas

Today we are going to improve our spreadsheet skills, but before that…

1. Go to this web and read all the items and answer all the tests. How am I going to correct you? Pay attention. Copy one test and paste it in a word document, and answer the questions in the document. Save it and send it to Then do the same with another test, and so on. You have 40 minutes for that task

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Statistics and spreadsheets

Posted by ricardogm on 26th May 2011


Do you know what a spreadsheet is? We call it “hoja de cálculo” in spanish, and one of the most popular is Excel. We are going to repeat some of the exercises we did in class with Excel, so pay attention to your teacher and write down in your notebook all the instructions.

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Functions 2

Posted by ricardogm on 20th May 2011


Tasks for today:

  1.  We are going to learn one or two tricks with geogebra, so please pay attention to the teacher and turn off your computers.
  2. We have to review the topic of areas, so go here and practice.

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Posted by ricardogm on 31st March 2011

Homertry? What’s that? Find out…  here

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More 3D shapes, in Gauss project site

Posted by ricardogm on 24th March 2011


Today we are going to visit the Gauss project site. It has been created by two teachers from Asturias. In fact, one of them is from Avilés and the other one from Pravia. Tasks for today:

  1. Pay attention to your teacher. He is going to give you an overview of the site and some intructions. To make it easier, turn off your screen.
  2. Visit the pages that start with ” desarrollo de…” Work out two or three questions from each page and write the answers in a word document. Save it with your name and the word Gauss in the title, and send it to my mail.
  3. Visit the rest of the pages and play with the shapes. Draw some sketches of them in your notebook.

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3D Shapes

Posted by ricardogm on 17th March 2011

  • Explore the 3D-Shapes in this fantastic web. Write the exercises in your notebook, and the formulas you find.
  • Draw in your notebook a sketch and solve these problems:1.- Calcular el área y el volumen de un ortoedro de dimensiones 3cm, 4cm y 12 cm respectivamente.2.- Halla el área lateral total y el volumen de un prisma hexagonal regular cuya arista lateral mide 4 cm y la arista de la base 2cm.3.- Halla el área total y el volumen de una pirámide cuadrangular regular cuyas aristas miden: 10dm las de la base y 13dm las laterales.

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Cuboids, androids, and more…

Posted by ricardogm on 10th March 2011

 Hi, peopleThis is an applet to work with cuboids (ortoedros, in spanish). Follow the instructions and write the answers in the notebook. I hope you like it.

  • and now androids:
  • and now more: If the cuboid of the applet were, for example, 3×3x3 cm, find the length of the diagonal of one face using Pythagoras, and then the length of the diagonal from one vertice to the opposite.
  • and now a game, only for the brave.

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