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Repaso 3º

Posted by ricardogm on 19th November 2017


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Lateral thinking and more…

Posted by ricardogm on 17th June 2013


1. Try to find in the internet the answer to the weird problems of thursday. Send to me your answers (not the internet ones)

2. Search the internet for math games. try some and send me the reference and a few lines about the two games you liked best.

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Posted by ricardogm on 10th June 2013


1. First of all, go to this page to do exercises from Anaya.

2.  And do these exercises from SM

3. Let’s finish with Excel. Do the exercises in page 297 of your book (the ones about random numbers). Send me the excel document.

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Statistics 3

Posted by ricardogm on 3rd June 2013



More Excel to finish.  Open your books, pages 294 to 297. Read everything and do the exercises in an excel document. Send it to me, of course.

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Statistics 2 (Excel)

Posted by ricardogm on 26th May 2013


You are going to solve statistic exercises with excel. I’m going to give you a tutorial and some exercises to solve. Please send me an excel document at the end of the class.

estadistica-excel.pdf (This is the tutorial)

stats.pdf. These are the exercises to solve. You have to do the calculations and create charts (pie charts, bar charts, etc). The histograms in excel are poorly implemented, in my opinion. Geogebra does a much better work. Follow  the instructions in this example:

Histograms with Geogebra

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Statistics 1

Posted by ricardogm on 10th May 2013


We are just starting with statistics. These are the tasks for today:

1. Download this pdf with exercises. Solve them in a word document and send it to me. Some of the exercises are easy to solve using Excel (for example, the frequency tables).


2. Now go to BBC to do Revise, Activity and Test of this unit.

3. Practice solving this exercises.

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3D shapes

Posted by ricardogm on 6th May 2013



Please solve the exercises in pages 26 to 29, in this book:


Use a word document to send me the answers, as usual.

When you finish you can try this simple games:



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Maths games

Posted by ricardogm on 15th April 2013


Today we are going to play with maths. Puaaajjj!

No, seriously. Your mission today is to try  some maths games and write a report about them. Follow these steps:

1. Go to this page: Maths puzzles.

2. Try at least four of the games. NOTE: Most of them need Flash Player. If you have problems, call the teacher.

3. Write a report (a word document) about these games. You have to include a brief description, your opinion about the game and a picture. Tell me if you think that the games could help the students to learn maths.

4. You can ask Will for help, and I suggest you to call him to take a look at your report before sending it to me.

5. Send me the report

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Posted by ricardogm on 25th March 2013


The goal for the session of today is create some applets with Geogebra about triangles:

1. First of all, find out using internet the name (in english) of the special points and lines of the triangles. They are in your book, page 190. Write me a mail with these words and meaning.

2. Now we are going to create them. Pay attention.

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Marks and Thales

Posted by ricardogm on 17th March 2013


That’s what I’ve made up for today:

1. Send me a message with the marks you think you deserve, but this time I want more precision: you must write five marks:

  1. Classroom work
  2. Homework
  3. Notebook
  4. Actitude
  5. And at last, the global mark

2. Geogebra: pay attention to the teacher, we are going to create very sophisticated applets about Thales work.

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