La nueva Casa

2 03 2012

¡Nos mudamos!.
Después de casi 4 años, dejamos EducasturBlog y nos vamos a Blogger.
Puedes encontrar los nuevos materiales en

[2eso] Statistics

28 02 2012

Follow the links below to get the handouts and the teacher’s guide for this activity on Statistics

teacher’s guide

[4eso] Find the roots

15 02 2012

The links contain materials to develop a sessions about the roots of a polynomial.


[2eso] Assessment exercise 5: FUNCTIONS

6 02 2012

Click on the link below to get the text and solution of this assessment exercise about direct proportionality functions.


[4eso] Roots of a polynomial

4 02 2012

The applet linked below is thought to help the explanation of what a polynomial root is.

roots of a polynomial

[4eso] Drawing algebraic expressions

19 01 2012

Activity to be developed in the ICT room.
It aims: to practice the relation between 2-variable equations  (their solutions) and points in the plane; to know the difference between parameters and variables and the meaning of them; to know the relation between equation grade and type of line obtained.
The links below take you to 3 pdf files and 4 GeoGebra applets

teacherGuide (pdf)
handouts (pdf)
solutions (pdf)
grade_1_implicitEquation (applet)
grade_1_explicitEquation (applet)
grade_2a (applet)
grade_2b (applet)

[4eso] Algebra vs English

17 01 2012

Here you may find the materials to develop an introduction session for the unit of Algebra.
The activity consists of a card game to practice the translation into English of several algebraic expressions and the translation into algebraic language of some English expressions.


[4eso] Assessment exercise 4: construct real numbers

28 11 2011

Here you can find the text and the applets with the solutions to this assessment exercise on real numbers.

exercise text
solution I
solution II
solution III
solution IV

[4eso] Drawing real numbers

21 11 2011

The links below show you how to construct and operate real numbers using Pythagoras Theorem

construct irrational numbers
operate irrational numbers
construct & operate real number
construct rational numbers

[4eso] Class exercise 4 (probability)

9 11 2011

Click on the link below to get the text and solution of this class exercise about probability