A Health Project in IES Valle de Aller (Asturias-Spain)

30 03 2011



The Secondary School IES Valle de Aller has been working in this Health Project since 2007, but many teachers had previously worked on these issues. We basically work around 7 areas, which are:

  • 1. Coeducation or equality in education for boys and girls, including prevention in gender-based violence.
  • 2. Coexistence and bullying prevention in an educative context, together with the School’s Mediation Programme.
  • 3. Emotional and Sexual education.
  • 4. Drug addiction prevention programme in both legal and illegal substances.
  • 5. Promotion of healthy eating habits and exercising as a source for human well-being.
  • 6. Education for responsible consumption.
  • 7. Environmental education including the improvement of the physical and psychosocial environment.

The main pillar in this project is our blog, which has been shortlisted several times in different educative contests. And the most relevant part of the programme is the one dealing with recycling.

The project’s blog is our pillar and database. We have 6 themed sections, where we upload the most relevant activities. We are going to have a quick look at the blog and remember the activities we have done through the years in the different sections.


The school takes place in the programme  ni ogros ni princesas (Not ogres nor princesses) which works inside the tutorial programme during the four years of Secondary Compulsory Education, where students approach their emotional and sexual changes through their adolescence years as well as they fight the creation of stereotypes around gender, sex and sexual orientations. We also include activities about contraceptive methods and HIV International Day (1st December).


Here we have a look about addictions to drugs, both legal and illegal and its consequences as unhealthy habits. We make special emphasis on smoking and alcohol drinking, as even if they are legal drugs, they are harmful. A very interesting activity we carried out some years ago was the so called “Smoking Bottle”.


In this section we have a collection of pieces of news and activities about healthy habits, how to cook in a healthier way and many other things. Our main activity here is the already well known HEALTHY BREAKFAST, an activity that has taken place several times with a great success among our students. Once or twice a year, our students come earlier to school and they learn how to prepare a healthy, tasty and good breakfast before they start the lessons. That breakfast include natural fruit juice (orange mainly), milk, toast with butter and jam or marmalade, fresh fruit, meat and cheese, etc… This year with the cooperation from the hotel and catering vocational school, we have introduced the activity “the fruit clock”

to promote fruit and vegetables in our diets, which hast been a great success too.


Here, together with all the activities previously mentioned about recycling we also include topics such as climatic change, global warming and responsible consumption.

Last year, First of ESO students celebrated the International Environmental day planting trees and making this short presentation in English.

In the year 2007 the school, from this project and through the natural sciences department, got involved in a programme for recycling in schools. We took part in a contest with our activity ecoauditoría de papel y cartón (paper and cardboard eco-audit), in which 1st year of Secondary Compulsory Education (ages 12 and 13) made a survey about how much paper do we waste and what does that cost to the environment, as regards water and energy consumption, CO2 emissions and trees.

The school was selected and awarded together with other 5 schools in the region for the most interesting and efficient projects on recycling. With the award, the students and teachers involved on it decided to make a school diary where tips on recycling and environmental topics are the main features.


Here we find a combination of activities about gender-based violence and how to prevent it, women rights, activities on the International day of Women (8th March) which include our yearly comic contest  Clara Campoamor  as well as activities like our yearly charity run for the integration of disabled people in a school and everyday life context. Students run with sponsors, who can be teachers, friends, parents, relatives…  who give money for each run they make, all the money collected goes to Save the children.

This has been a quick and shallow look on the project’s blog about our most important topics, issues and activities held along these years.

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