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Publicado en 6.- School year 09-10 — 29 Septiembre 2009 @ 19:09

We start a new school year in this blog showing what we have done to review vocabulary. Some words are easy, some others are more difficult. Words, words…many words to learn a new language!!!. We show our work and congratulate all the pupils mentioned here because their WORDS and CROSSWORDS are fantastic!

















Made by David Díaz Moro:

Made by Álvaro Cueto Cantero

Made by Sofía del Fresno Palacio:

Made by Borja Rodríguez Fernández:

Made by Rubén Cristóbal Nicolás:

Made by Izan Vallina Alonso:

Made by Sofía García Cifuentes:

Made by Lucía Fonseca Alonso:

Made by Miguel Fernández Loredo:

Made by Marina González Iglesias:

Made by Diego Márquez González:

Made by Pablo Suárez Zapatero:

Made by Chiara Gianna Delfino Albornoz:

Made by Llara de Con Gutiérrez:

And we finish with this beautiful video where the lyrics of the song “WORDS DON´T COME EASY TO ME” are easy to follow (and you can sing it if you want). This song was very popular in the eighties (a long, long time ago for all the students at Primary School of Nava). The teachers still remenber when we used to dance at the disco with this song (also a long, long time ago). The video shows photographs from the film “PRIDE AND PREJUDICE” based on the classic novel with the same title written by the female English novelist JANE AUSTEN. Enjoy it!:




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  1. Luci and Noe:

    My favourite words is LAZY.
    Good bye!!!

  2. Candela:

    My favourite words is “Earth”

  3. ale:

    Qué guais :)

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