Bilingual section in I.E.S. Luanco


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Students from the 3º ESO Bilingual Section went to Gijón on the 17th of December to visit the Evaristo Valle Museum and the Old Laboral University.

Early in the morning, we went to the Evaristo Valle Museum where we were welcomed by an English- speaking guide. After a short introduction to the building, we  were shown a video about Evaristo Valle´s life and his painting. Then we went to visit the painting exhibition and  did some exercices on the paintings we liked most. Next, we went out to the gardens where another guide expalined to us some of the sculptures that can be seen there. In groups we had to choose a sculpture and answer some questions about it.

After finishing our visit to the Museum , we went to the Laboral University. A guide showed us around the impressive building. In the theatre, he explained to us the history of this monument. Finally, we went up to the tower where we could admire the wonderful sight. Later we had free time to have a snack in the University café before coming back to Luanco.

It was a nice day, we practiced English, learnt and enjoyed together.

English course in Broadstairs, 2014

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This school year our English course took place, once again, in Kent School. The school is located in the town of Broadstairs, county Kent, England. It took place from March 30th to April 6th. Forty-three students from 2º and 4º of ESO and four teachers participated in the course.

The day we arrived in England we had the opportunity to visit the city of Cambridge. In Broadstairs, we stayed with families. In the mornings, we attended classes while in the  afternoons and evenings we had different kinds of activities (karaoke, sports, barn dance, workshops, quizz games, cinema…). We also visited some nearby towns such as Margate, Ramsgate and Canterbury.

On Saturday, we spent the whole day in London. First we went sightseeing and then we had free time for shopping.

We practiced English, made new friends and had a lot of fun. What was your impression of England? Did you like it? Make any comments you want about this activity.


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On the 26th of February, 1st and 2nd of ESO students went to “Fuentes de invierno” to ski. We left Luanco at quarter to nine and we arrived at the snow resort two hours later. When we arrived ,  the  monitors gave us the snow boots and we went up in the chair lift. We had a three hours lesson in the morning and then, after having lunch, we had some free time to do whatever we liked.

Then we returned to Luanco and at half past seven we arrived here. It was an amazing day!

Alejandro González Menéndez ( 1º ESO B)


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The best film I have recently seen is “Cool Runnings”. It is based on a real story.

The main characters in the film are four Jamaican persons: Derice (the captain) , Sanka who is the funniest person in the group, Junior Belvil ,the most intelligent one and Yul, the strongest. These four Jamaicans go to the  Olimpyc Games to participate in the bobsleigh competition. In the beginning, people laugh at them beacause they think that the Jamaicans can’t be good at winter sports. However, they  manage to get to the final and this time, people don´t laugh at  them , they vote for them. When they run the final they fall but they cross the final line and the people clap them and they become very famous.

In my opinion, it is a very beautiful and interesting film , so I recommend it to everybody.

Irene González-Pola Yuncal ( 1º  ESO - B)

A film review: AVATAR

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Avatar is the last film I’ve watched .I thought it would be boring, but people who watched it told me that it was pretty interesting. In the film, there is a group of scientists who are exploring another world because under it there are lots of very expensive diamonds. The problem is that there are some creatures living on that land and they can’t kill them that easily,  so they send a guy on a machine  to the avatar world to make friends with them and tell them to go away. The machine turns people into an avatar.

Some days later, the guy falls in love with an avater girl and he doesn’t want  to hurt his new friends and girlfriend; so he stops doing what he has to. Scientists get angry with him and go to the avatar world to destroy everything; but will they be able?

I really liked this film because it teaches you a lot of good things and it is very interesting.

Carmen Ruíz Gutiérrez ( 1º ESO B)

A film review: ROMPHE RALPH

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Romphe Ralph is an amazing film about a video game . 

Here is an outline of the plot: a strong man that does not like to be the worst in the game and decides to  go out of the video game and test other games and go to a candy world. In the game, he meets Vanellope.Vanellope  wants to go out of the game but she is a game virus  and she  can only go out of the game if she wins a race. Finally Ralph helps Venellope to build a car , she wins the race  and goes to Ralph´s game .

I would recomend this film to all the persons who like funny filmsTongue out

Andrea González Riobello ( 1º ESO B)

A film review: “THE PARENT TRAP”

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This film is amazing! I really liked it.

The main characters are:

  • Annie: she lives in London with her mother; she is Hallie’s sister.
  • Hallie: she lives in California with her father and she is Annie’s sister.
  • Elisabeth: Annie and Hallie’s mother;
  • Nick: Annie and Hallie’s father and,
  • Meredith:Nick’s girlfriend.

Here is an outline of the film plot: One day Annie and Hallie are participating in a campsite and they don’t know they are twims. But they discover it because they have a picture broken in half and in this photo they can see are their father and their mother having dinner on a boat the night they meet. They want to join their parents so that they can live together again. Hallie goes to London and Annie goes to California. Annie’s grandfather knows that Hallie is in his house. They take her mother to California . The twins go camping with Nick and Mederith. Both of them do not like her father’s girlfriend and they do pranks to scare him. They get it and their parents finally go back together.

I do recommend this film because it is very funny and interesting and it is suitable for all ages.

Sara Taboada Gutiérrez (1ºESO B)

THEATRE IN ENGLISH: All the world is a stage

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On the 20th of January, the English company “Moving On” performed the play  “All the world is a stage” in the assembly hall of our  school.

Students from the 5º and 6º grades of La Vallina, La Canal and Cabo Peñas Primary Schools participated in the play as well as all the ESO students from Cristo del Socorro Secondary School.

This is an outline of the plot: The audience goes into the theatre expecting the performance of the famous Shakespeare´s play ” Romeo and Juliet” but the company can only offer a short show due to the economic crisis.  After some hours,  the audience is still sitting in the stalls. When two tecnichians realize that the audience is still in the theatre , they try to solve the situation but they can’t contact the manager or the actors so they decide to invite some people from the audience to offer a modern version of ” Romeo and Juliet” and here adventure starts.

It was a hilarious play and  the team´s performance was excellent. Students enjoyed taking part in the play and practising English in a different  way.


A fantastic trip to Wdahflington

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I went to Wdahflington last summer in July.I went there with my old friend Ánder.

We went there by train. The train was called FDFY (Fire Disaster For You). The train went from Candás to Wdahflington.

When we arrived at our destination, it was eight o’clock p.m, we went to the hotel to leave our suitcases. We slept for one hour and then we went for a walk.

Wdahflington is an amazing city. It has got buildings that are very high (555554m)
and others that are very small (1mm). The city is very colorful because it’s got many lights.

The next day we had to go home because there was a fire in Ánder’s house.

We enjoyed our visit a lot!Tongue out

Luis Fernández and Ànder Bermúdez

Holidays in Hawaii

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We are going to talk about our perfect holidays in Hawai. When we got to the airport we took a taxi to go to our hotel.In the hotel , there was  a parrot, called Pepin. It was the most beautiful parrot in the world, its feathers were green, yellow, red and blue. Pepin listened to people and repeated all the words people said.                                                                                                                                            

We practised a lot of sports in Hawai:  Kitesurf, surfing, paragliding.The beaches were beautiful, interesting and special. All of them had white sand, and many palm trees and the sea was calm and transparent.                                                                               

The last day we were in hawaii, we caught the parrot, put it into our suitcase and we went back to Spain.The parrot is now very happy in our house.

María Castellanos and Juan Díaz