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E.J.E. (Young European Mini-Companies)

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This project intends to stimulate entrepreneurial initiative through education. It is aimed at students in 4th ESO, the last year of compulsory secondary education as well as at students in vocational courses.

The students set up and manage a mini import-export and sales company which works either regionally, nationally or internationally. The legal structure of these mini-companies is the cooperative.

Each mini-company works with another cooperative created in a partner school involved in the project. Both mini-companies begin a business relationship which consists of exchanging sales brochures, making and receiving orders, importing and exporting products and finally selling the products in local markets. The regional government supports this project via Valnalon. 

Click on this link to read and watch a documentary about this project made by the European Comission. 

Duration: 2003 – present. (For the students an academic year) 

Our mini-companies:

La Pixueta (2003/2004)

Selvent (2003/2004)

El Ancla Azul (2004/2005)

Terramar (2004/2005)

Calaverastur (2005/2006)

La Flecha (2005/2006)

Ladrilla (2006/2007)

Diablo (2006/2007)

El chicharrín (2007/2008)

Everything SELGAS (2007/2008)

El Farrieguito (2008/2009)

La Guindilla (2008/2009)

More information about the project:

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