Seven Carrio Dwarfs

We love English

Can you guess this sport?

Two or four players with a small yellow ball that goes over a net

 * * * * * *


¿Quién ayuda a Isabel n’asturiano?


What fun!   brit.jpg

spa.jpg  ¡Qué divertido!

Can you guess this one?

There’s a long animal that hides in the grass

 * * * * *

Congratulations to Noelia.

You got it!    Yes, the answer is:



A a a a a a a


A a ants on my arm, a a ants on my arm, a a ants on my arm, they’re causing me alarm



The snake is in the grass

I spy with my little eye…

… something beginning with ‘M’ and with 6 letters:  M _ _ _ _ _

Clue:   I am a green crocodile. I wear a blue and white stripped pyjamas and a red bathrobe. You can see me everyday at school when you go to the classroom.

Clue 2:   You can see yourself on it.

Who am I?

I am not a table, because table begins with ‘T’ and it only has 5 letters.

¿Quién ye capaz de dicir lo mesmo nes llingues que falten?


Hello! How are you?   brit.jpg


Préstame … - I love … - Me encanta…

bandera-asturias.jpg  Préstame muncho falar n’asturianu

I love speaking English   brit.jpg

spa.jpg  Me encanta hablar castellano

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