2 12 2017

4º ESO - Reported Speech

6 06 2015

Here you are two documents.  Reported Speech Google Drive 

One of them is theory about the verbs you can use when reporting a sentence - Reporting Verbs

The second document is a list of sentences to practise the theory with some exercises - Reported Speech exercises

You can also try online exercises at many websites such as THIS ONE 

4º ESO - Reported Speech

27 05 2015

Write the sentences on your notebook

1) John: “Mandy is at home.”
2) Max: “Frank often reads a book.”
3) Susan: “I’m watching TV.”
4) Simon: “David was ill.”
5) Peggy: “The girls helped in the house.”
6) Richard: “I am going to ride a skateboard.”
7) Stephen and Claire: “We have cleaned the windows.”
8. Charles: “I didn’t have time to do my homework.”
9) Mrs Jones: “My mother will be 50 years old.”
10) Jean: “The boss must sign the letter.”
11) Emily: “Our teacher will go to Leipzig tomorrow.”
12) Helen: “I was writing a letter yesterday.”
13) Robert: “My father flew to Dallas last year.”
14) Lisa: “Tim went to the stadium an hour ago.”
15) Patricia: “My mother will celebrate her birthday next weekend.”
16) Michael: “I am going to read a book this week.”
17) Jason and Victoria: “We will do our best in the exams tomorrow.”
18) Andrew: “We didn’t eat fish two days ago.”
19) Alice: “I spent all my pocket money on Monday.”
20) David: “John had already gone at six.”

1) Christopher: “Do you want to dance?”
2) Betty: “When did you come?”
3) Mark: “Has John arrived?”
4) Ronald: “Where does Maria park her car?”
5) Elisabeth: “Did you watch the latest film?”
6) Mandy: “Can I help you?”
7) Andrew: “Will Mandy have lunch with Sue?”
8. Justin: “What are you doing?”
9) Frank: “How much pocket money does Lisa get?”
10) Anne: “Must I do the shopping?”
11) Mandy: “Are the boys reading the book?”
12) Jason: “Who gave you the laptop?”
13) Robert: “Is Tim leaving on Friday?”
14) Daniel: “Will it rain tomorrow?”
15) Jennifer: “Where do you play football today?”
16) Nancy: “Why didn’t Nick go to New York last summer?”
17) Barbara: “Must I do my homework this afternoon?”
18) Linda: “Did Max fly to London two weeks ago?”
19) Grandmother: “Where are my glasses?”
20) A man: “When does the train to Liverpool leave?”

You can also try online exercises at many websites such as THIS ONE 

Relative Clauses

7 11 2014

Click on the link and download the 4 images


Interesting videos

21 03 2014

Annie Lenox performing Dracula’s song - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsrhb1MOGg4

The American Handshake - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDhXD25fmMo 

Gestures around the world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fa_GCK-Czqs 

Ejercicios de Pasivas

27 02 2014

Descargar Documento Pasivas

Passive sentences

8 05 2013

DOWNLOAD the  document with passive exercises from http://www.divshare.com/download/24087998-216 


6 02 2013



30 05 2012

Follow the link and download the document with passive sentece exercises


Conditional Sentences

26 03 2012

Conditional sentences exercises

Download the pdf  here   CONDITIONALS 

 En este enlace encontrarás teoría y ejercicios