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We’ve changed our blog!!

Click here to go to our new site: An English Corner in Tineo_Wordpress

Welcome back!!!!!

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Hi, there, everybody, and welcome back!!!!

We have a brand new school year ahead, with tons of new things to learn, to share, to talk about…!

All your English teachers here in Tineo are willing to make the most of this year with you! (And as somebody said “Yes, we can!” Wink  )



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We had this show performed at our Secondary School on Monday, March 5th, and


Didn´t we all enjoy it???

Do you remember what it was about?:


Every country and every society has superstitions. They are part of the culture. Many people need superstitions to “help” them. Many superstitions come from religious beliefs, others from historical events. There are many superstitions in common but each country also has its own superstitious beliefs. Sometimes, what is good luck in one country is bad luck in another.


BLACK CATS - In Britain, a black cat that crosses the path in front of you is good luck. In Spain this is bad luck.

RABBITS - A rabbit’s foot is good luck in Britain. People sometimes carry one on a key ring, in their pocket or in their car.

MAGPIES - If you see a magpie in Britain it is a sign. There is a rhyme that explains what will happen depending on the number of magpies you see:

1 for sorrow,

2 for joy,

3 for a girl,

4 for a boy,

5 for silver,

 6 for gold,

7 for a secret,

Never to be told.


CARROTS - Eating carrots improves your eyesight.

BREADCRUSTS - Eating the crust on bread makes your hair curly.


YELLOW - It is bad luck to wear yellow on stage in Spain and France.

MACBETH - In Britain, it is bad luck for actors to say the name of this play by Shakespeare. If they want to talk about the play they call it “The Scottish Play”.

BREAK A LEG - When an actor is about to go on stage it is bad luck to say “Good Luck”. You have to say “Break a Leg”.


13 - The number 13 is bad luck in many countries.

FRIDAY 13TH - In most English speaking countries Friday 13th is unlucky. In Spanish speaking countries Tuesday 13th is the unlucky day.

7 - The number 7 is very lucky.


LADDERS - To walk under a ladder is very bad luck in most countries.

HORSESHOES - A horseshoe is usually good luck.

MIRRORS - To break a mirror means 7 years bad luck.

WOOD - To touch wood brings good luck in most countries.

Now, have a look at these pictures, by clicking ON THE HORSE SHOE

and see if you can spot yourself.


And finally, LADIES and GENTLEMEN, please give a big round of APPLAUSE for the actors and actresses on the show !!!

Valentine´s Day in Tineo

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Roses are red,

   Violets are blue,

Sugar is sweet,

And so are you

My love is like a cabbage

Divided into two,

The leaves I give to others,

The heart I give to YOU!

This year, to celebrate the day, we played a fun and romantic game.

We did a bit of touching,

we had to answer questions related to St. Valentine´s day,

we were given special treats: chocolates and sweets with romantic things written on the wrappers,

we made animal sounds,

we blew kisses,

we whispered things in the ears to our love ones,

we declared love to one another

and we even drew hearts on the blackboard.

We also took pictures, CLICK on the HEART to see them all.

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