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Miércoles, 23 Abril 2008 @ 12:00 am General | No existen comentarios »

Dinosaurs appeared in our planet 230 milllion years ago,and it has been 65 million years since their extinction.
But on the Asturian coast the time has not managed to erase the fingerprints of his existence.
   The Jurassic museum of Asturias is a museum  that has the shape,of the fingersprint of  a dinosaur, a spectacular building, work […]

Casa Natal de Jovellanos Museum

Lunes, 14 Abril 2008 @ 8:39 pm What to visit | No existen comentarios »

Casa natal of Jovellanos:
• Who is Jovellanos?
Jovellanos was born in 1744. He was a writer, lawyer and a very important politician in Spain.He created in 1794 in Gijón the “Real Instituto Asturiano de Náutica y Mineralogía” where all children could study.
This building is a palace where Jovellanos was born in 1744 and lived, and […]

Muniellos forest

Lunes, 14 Abril 2008 @ 6:33 pm Favourite places | No existen comentarios »

My favourite place is Muniellos forest, situated in the southwest of Asturias, among Cangas del Narcea, Ibias and Degaña.
When you go to Muniellos forest, you can breathe the fresh air in a natural enviroment because in this place there are lots of trees and it is considered one of the most important oak forests in […]

Roman bridge - Cangas de Onís

Lunes, 14 Abril 2008 @ 4:32 pm General | No existen comentarios »

This brigde, that separates the Cangas de Onis and Parres’ council, was situated in the ancient capital of Asturias, Cangas de Onis.
Although it is known as the Roman bridge was built during the reign of Alfonso XI. Surely this bridge is a reconstruction of an earlier one, as this area suffered a great romanization.
It has […]


Lunes, 14 Abril 2008 @ 3:24 pm General | No existen comentarios »

Ribadebajo is a small village on the top of the Luarca’s mountain.
It’s very special place for me because all my mother’a family was borth there and when I was little I played there with my cousins.
Ribadebajo is a place where you can relax thanks to the fresh air that you can breathe there. There are […]

Laboral University

Viernes, 11 Abril 2008 @ 9:03 am General, agencias | No existen comentarios »


“The Xanas route”

Viernes, 11 Abril 2008 @ 8:49 am Favourite places, agencias | No existen comentarios »

                                                     The Xanas Route was one of the itineraries more important of Asturias; this is due to its beauty and its facility for everybody. The route is a short walk in a beautiful gorge, near the Viescas River or the Xanas River. This route shows the excursionist, fantastic places and fantastic natural constructions, like the […]