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“The Xanas route”

Publicado en Favourite places, agencias — 11 Abril 2008 @ 8:49

                                         xanas-1.jpg xanas-2.jpg           The Xanas Route was one of the itineraries more important of Asturias; this is due to its beauty and its facility for everybody. The route is a short walk in a beautiful gorge, near the Viescas River or the Xanas River. This route shows the excursionist, fantastic places and fantastic natural constructions, like the gorge are.The Route is one of the best to the beginning in the world of the excursions.        

I have chosen this place because it was a very beautiful route and very easy to start in this world moreover, this is the first route that I made with my parents when I was a child.

Route’s Description 

From the parking, parts the road to Tenebredo and about 200 m. starts on the right the path, carved in the rock. Soon we begin crossing a rocks group. We continue, and we are now inside the gorge. Soon after, and at the level of the Viescas river or the Xanas, we went through a beech forest to cross the river on a wooden bridge and after an small slope by a steep meadow, we arrive to the village of Pedrovella, the end of our route. 

We can make the return, by returning the gorge, or going to the village of Rebollada. If we take the second option, at the exit of Pedrovella we take a path at the right hand, reaching Rebollada. Once there, we go to Serandi crossing the mountain (which will be the toughest of the route and the road is very steep, both for the ascent to the descent), which take us to the reserve where are Paca and Tola bears, the most famous of Asturias. We have only to walk a few kilometres to the car’s parking.

Andrea del Río Díaz

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