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Muniellos forest

Publicado en Favourite places — 14 Abril 2008 @ 18:33

Muniellos forest

My favourite place is Muniellos forest, situated in the southwest of Asturias, among Cangas del Narcea, Ibias and Degaña.
When you go to Muniellos forest, you can breathe the fresh air in a natural enviroment because in this place there are lots of trees and it is considered one of the most important oak forests in Europe.
It was declared natural reserve of the biosphere in 2000.Animals like ” urogallo”, which is an endangered specie , bears, red deers, foxes and wolves live in a wild and natural enviroment where the human being does not change anything. Everything is natural.
If you want to visit Muniellos forest, you must phone the park because visits are authorized and controlled by ” El Principado de Asturias”. Only 20 persons can visit it per day.

The first day that I went to this forest,I felt I have travelled into the wild ,like the animals living there. I breaththe fresh air and I belived that I was in another time where the stress of the city and the pollution did not exist.

Visiting this place is the best way to know a natural forest.

marta llanes garcia

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