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Publicado en General — 14 Abril 2008 @ 15:24

Ribadebajo is a small village on the top of the Luarca’s mountain.

It’s very special place for me because all my mother’a family was borth there and when I was little I played there with my cousins.

Ribadebajo is a place where you can relax thanks to the fresh air that you can breathe there. There are many farms with cows, many green grassland, many fountains with minal water and large grasslands with many apple trees. This apples was used to make sweet cider. This kind os cider was made at home as it was made times back.
There aren’t same restaurants or bars, if you want to take somethig you should go to Luarca’s center.


Along this small village can be seen Indiano’s houses, Asturian’s typical houses and beautyful views, as the views from the gorge when you can see Luarca’s beaches and the port.

In my opinion Ribadebajo is a typical asturian little village.

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