26 08 2008
You can listen to a radio programme about Londoners. Londoners are the grumpiest in the morning compared to anyone else in the country, according to researchers at the Sleep Council, who say nearly twenty per cent of people in the capital stay in a bad mood for up to four hours after waking up.
Before you listen to the radio programme, have a look at the vocabulary to help you  understand the listening and then try to answer the comprehension questions below, you’ll hear the answers during the programme.
-to be grumpy: to be unfriendly and in a bad mood
-to be sullen/surly/sulky: to be unfriendly and miserable 
-to be solemn: to be serious and formal
-to be chilled: to be relaxed and calm 
Comprehension questions:
1: What percentage of Londoners spend the morning in a bad mood?
2: What are some of the things that make them so grumpy?
3: Why does Judith think women are more grumpy than men?
4: What’s Mike’s advice to women?
You are now ready to listen to the BBC Learning English radio programme “Grumpy Londoners”.   Listen to the programme by pressing the play button below.

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You can also read the script of the radio programme in the following link: londonlife_061108_grumpy_london.pdf

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