15 01 2011
The students of  4º year ESO B  wrote the endings of some unfinished stories. I have chosen two of the most interesting ones. I have included the beginning of the story “The break in” and the ending by the students.

 The break-in                           

P.C. Small, the village policeman, always walked down the main street of Little Fontwell at midnight to make sure that everything was all right. He was especially careful to look through the Windows of Miller’s Antique Shop and Boyd’s the Jewellers.One night, P.C. Small was walking down the street as usual, when he saw a flash of light in the window of Boyd’s.He crept to the window and saw a man with a mask taking jewels from the safe. P.C. Small waited until the man had finished, and grabbed him when he carne out of the shop.The policeman pulled the mask off the thief. He was amazed. It was Mr Boyd, the jeweller.
What Happened Next?                                            



Mr. Boyd started crying.  P. C. Small asked him what had happened and he explained everything to him. “The shop wasn´t going well and the bank would close it  if I couldn’t pay them. So I thought that if I stole all the jewells, the insurance would   pay me a lot of money and so I could save my business. The policeman told him: “If you leave the jewells in the shop I will give you the money you need because as you know I am rich” Mr. Boyd accepted the offer and the policeman gave him the money to save his business.”  
By Agustina Amenabar Lagos.
The policeman pulled the mask off the thief. He was amazed, he was Mr. Boyd, the jeweller. He didn’t understand anything, why was he stealing in his own shop? he needed some answers and he started to ask him. “Why were you stealing in your own shop? he asked. Mr. Boyd answered. “It’s a difficult situation and the police shoudn’t be here”. “This doesn’t make any sense to me” said P. C. Small. “You don’t have to understad, just let me go”. Mr. Boyd was nervous and looked in all directions. “I am sorry but this is my job and you were doing something illegal and you must go to jail” said the policeman. “I must return these jewells, they aren’t mine, they are stolen. They have my wife.” The policeman understood  what Mr. Boyd meant and let him go in order to catch the real thieves. Finally the police caught the thieves and put them  into jail.
 By Laura Menendez Villar

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