5 02 2011


The students of 2º ESO “Bilingual section” wrote a very strange story to practise the past simple tense, you can read the story of one of them.


It was a common Friday morning, We were all working in silence. Suddenly we heard a blast and then a frightening scream. We  all stayed in silence keeping  our breath. My students stared at me horrified, wondering what we could do. I had no answer but I knew I should calm them down. So I invented a story about the old building and the central heating, trying to convince them that there weren’t any problems. “Everything was under control” . Suddenly there was another blast and everybody started screaming except my students that looked  calm. We waited in silence. After five minutes, some students started to cry, pray and one girl began to call her parents. One hour later, the police and the firefighters arrived. Suddenly a firefighter opened the door and told  us to escape, the building was on the point of falling down because there was an explosion on the central heating system. I couldn’t believe it, the story I invented to calm down my students was becoming real. But we couldn’t lose anymore time, we needed to leave the building as soon as possible. So I opened the window and they went down the ladder without being scared, but when it was my turn, I couldn’t do it. A firefighter took me in his arms and we went out of the building. When we were far away, the building  collapsed.

By Jose Luis Cagigal Bedia

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